Our courses are divided in 3 levels, with possibility of both live or on-line delivery

Level 1

Level 1 is reserved for professionals that are working with patients. In level 1 courses, health professionals obtain knowledge on how to improve their daily work with their patients by learning behaviour change techniques, T2T approach or using new technologies to achieve optimal results with the patient.

Level 2

Level 2 is reserved for professionals that are working with other professionals. In Level 2 courses, health professionals go deeper into the material in order to be able to explain it to their colleagues. Special attention is given to teaching techniques in order to enable participants to successfully educate their peers.

Non-Professional Level

Non-Professional Level is reserved for layman wanting to improve their knowledge on oral health and the mouth-body connection. In these courses they can learn how to keep their mouth healthy, what to do when you have braces or implants, how to take care of the mouth of new-borns, etc.