18 Oct 2023

Utilisation of PRF in implantology

18:30 - 19:30 English

ITI Webinar

Bone grafting procedures in implant dentistry are a common necessity. The literature and data from the Australian Dental Implant Registry shows that approximately 70 to 90% of dental implant procedures require some form of bone grafting. The use of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)-related products has been shown to improve bone graft material handling, decrease costs and improve both hard and soft tissue healing.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives:

  • Utilisation of PRF in implant-related procedures
  • Scientific background of PRF
  • Anatomy associated with venipuncture

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Lecturers: Dr. Steve Soukoulis

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  • Dr. Steve Soukoulis
    Dr. Steve Soukoulis
    Dr. Soukoulis graduated in a masters of periodontics in 2001 after completing a clinical residency in the Adelaide dental hospital. At that time he also worked in the medically compromised clinic giving him well rounded experience in dental trauma, dental patients with systemic diseases, and implant