01 Dec 2023

iTop for Students, Metropolia

8h English

This iTOP for Students event will take place on Friday, 1st of December in Helsinki.

iTOP is an individually trained oral prophylaxis concept that will change the way you advice and train your patients. It helps dental professionals offer their patients successful, comprehensive prophylaxis. Why? Prophylaxis is often covered in passing during training in University, and there isn’t enough time in a busy practice. That’s where iTOP comes in: learning oral hygiene techniques and tools on two consecutive seminar days.

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Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki

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Επίπεδο: iTOP Introductory

Τύπος Εκδήλωσης: iTOP Course



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  • Mário Rui Araújo
    Mário Rui Araújo
    Prof. RDH, PhD
    Prof. RDH, PhD Mário Rui Araújo did his master’s in health psychology 2001 at the ISPA University Lisbon, Portugal. He is adjunctive Teacher at Portalegre Health School and a Guest-Teacher at University of Copenhagen, Denkmark. Mario is international iTOP Lecturer.