05-10 Nov 2021

iTOP Teacher, Prague 2021

24h English

Unique, systematic hands-on training in patient motivation and mechanical plaque control

iTOP Teacher seminar is designed specially for dentists and dental hygienists who would like to master oral hygiene techniques and tools.
It enables dental professionals to instruct, coach and motivate patients on a high level in order to achieve perfect oral care and keep therapy results long term on optimal level.

iTOP Teacher trains professionals to be able to instruct their colleagues in basics of iTOP. Seminar includes several 1:2 training sessions with well-trained and most experienced international instructors.

Learning Objectives

Mornings: In-depth lectures. Lectures are the basis of argumentation for iTOP philosophy and concept. 

Afternoons: Hands-on training. During the Touch to Teach (T2T) session participants will train their skills in instructing and practice techniques with professional instructors.

Beside the official seminar schedule, participants also have the possibility to discover the city on their own and network.

iTOP Lecturers and instructors

Dr Lucie Sedelmayer, iTOP chief instructor and teacher of preventive dentistry at Charles University in Prague
Dr Franka Baranovic Huber, iTOP lecturer and instructor internationally 
Catherine Schubert Chung, RDH, iTOP lecturer and instructor internationally 

Cancellation: In the case of cancellation up to 30 days before the event, a refund 100% of payments will be made. It will reduce to 50% in the case of cancellation up to 15 days prior to the event. In the case of cancellation from 14 days to the event or no-shows, no costs shall be refunded. Payment conditions: All iTOP seminars must be paid in advance. Please read Privacy Policy.

Training Details


Czech Republic

Viennahouse Andels Hotel, Prague 5, Czech Republic, Prague

Recommended for

Dental professionals

Level: iTOP Teacher

Event Type: iTOP Course


2200 Euro



Meet our Speakers

  • Lucie Sedelmayer
    Lucie Sedelmayer
    Lucie Sedelmayer MUDr graduated 1990 at Charles University, Prague. She was the assistant of Dr. Jiri Sedelmayer in practical-courses of conservative dentistry. She is the iTOP Chief Instructor since 2000 and Teacher of Preventive dentistry at Charles University.
  • Camelia Roman
    Camelia Roman
    Dr. Camelia Roman graduated in 2014 at Iuliu-Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj Napoca, Romania. She is iTOP Lecturer and Instructor for different Universities in Bangalore, India and a member of Young Dentists Worldwide.
  • Franka Baranovic-Huber
    Franka Baranovic-Huber
    Dr. med. dent.
    Dr. med. dent. Franka Baranovic-Huber graduated 1991 and 2017 at University of Geneva, Switzerland. She is working as iTOP Lecturer and Instructor internationally and takes care of integration in universities and school for prophylaxis-assistants internationally.