20 Mar 2021

Patient perception vs clinical prevention – bridging the gap between myths and facts - Q&A with Dr.

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Patient perception vs clinical prevention – bridging the gap between myths and facts - Q&A with Dr.

This interview will bring more clarity on where we are today in the world of oral health, what are the common myths of our patients, what can you do in only five minutes of oral health instructions and why is the interdental space called “The Bermuda Triangle”. Learning objectives: Recognizing the patient myths on oral health What is the impact of paediatric dentistry on the health of a child Why is interdental space the most critical point in preventive dentistry Why every patient needs an oral cancer screening How psychology plays a crucial role in today’s dentistry The Q&A interactive part of the lecture will be supported by Franka Baranovic Huber.

Learning Objectives

Celebrating the World Oral Health Day we have an opportunity to speak to four different dental professionals from different parts of the world (UK, Switzerland, USA and Mexico) about their own approach to oral care in their respective fields: preventive dentistry, paediatric dentistry, cancer patients care and behavioural change supported by modern technology.

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Meet our Speakers

  • Shannon Nanne
    Shannon Nanne
    Shannon Nanne RDH graduated from The University of Pittsburgh. She held an executive board position in The Cleveland Dental Hygiene Association for over 15 years, continues to create awareness on oral cancer and its side-effects.
  • Theodora Little
    Theodora Little
    Theodora Little RDH is a Dental Hygienist, Therapist qualified from King’s College London. Theodora has worked as a Dental Professional in UK and Switzerland and is Clinical Manager for Prevetion One, iTOP Instructor and BOB Coach.