09 Nov 2021

All I really need to know about oral health, I already know. Or maybe not?

1h English

Increases curiosity. Do you agree?

New and old concepts in Dental Biofilm Removal, and how can dental hygiene be fundamental for the clinical practice.

This will be a one-hour interactive webinar about the fundamental principles of Dental Biofilm Control. So please, have your mobile phone near you. You will need it for this webinar!

The main objective of this webinar is to provide experimental interactive training on the field of dental biofilm control, and its mainly orientated for the Colosseum Dental Hygienists staff.All participants will learn and acquire skills on the area of Dental Biofilm Control and patients’ behaviors. 

The practical strategy used on the seminar will be different and (we hope) catching. However, no training will be provided regarding biofilm control this time.  But, surprise, for all of you that will become interested in go deep about these techniques, we will have a solution. Also, although this is mainly a Q&A-experiment” workshop, brief theory sections will proceed the Q&A part.

Learning Objectives

We live in a time where clinicians need to be aware of the best strategies to help patients to control their oral health. It’s much more than just gives them information.  A great number of patients need to change their oral health behaviors. One of the challenges that healthcare professionals have to face is that the motivation for change is not an all-or- nothing phenomenon, and people often have ambivalent feelings about it.

This interactive webinar looks at the concepts of biofilm control and patient’s behavior and will use your reflections to review mechanical therapies and behavioural interventions that disrupt and/or reduce biofilm, as well as current and future options that may help your oral health care interventions.

The overall goal of this webinar is to introduce a new way of looking to oral health care.

After attending this webinar, attendees will be able to:
Review the mechanisms involved in biofilm development.
List and describe the options available for mechanical disruption of biofilm and their efficacy.
Review behavioural interventions to control biofilm.
Describe novel strategies that are available to improve oral health in the future.

Training Details



Online, 6pm CET
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Mário Rui Araújo

Recommended for

Dental professionals

Event Type: BOB workshop