29 Sep 2021

What instead of “Brush and don’t eat sweets”? Fast guide through basic prophylactic measures for chi

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What instead of “Brush and don’t eat sweets”? Fast guide through basic prophylactic measures for chi

Oral biofilm is not only the main cause of oral diseases, but also the most common reason of dental therapy failure. For that reason, primary prevention should be the highest priority for both dental practitioners and patients of all age groups. Surprisingly, studies showed that only up to 25% of total dental interventions given in general dental practices during average working day, are preventive measures, but mostly professional ones – fluoridation, fissure sealing, polishing. Although self-care measures are corner stone of primary prevention, not so much attention is given to them. This presentation summaries recent recommendation about self-care methods of mechanical and chemical biofilm control, for children of different age and oral diseases risk groups. It also explains why the most used advice “Brush and don’t eat sweets”, doesn’t work well. The aim of the lecture is to present the most suitable self-care prophylactic methods and items for children. It also gives practical guidelines, how to give correct, realistic and achievable instructions to parents. The presentation contains useful “tips and tricks” for dentists and parents as well.

Learning Objectives

The self-care instructions to patients given by dental practitioners and hygienists shouldn’t be generalized; they should be based on the best available evidence, individually fitted according to patient’s age and accessed oral disease risk, considering child and parent’s ability to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of oral hygiene.

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Amila Zukanovic DDM, MSc, PhD

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  • Amila Zukanovic DDM, MSc, PhD
    Amila Zukanovic DDM, MSc, PhD
    DDM, MSc, PhD