28 Sep 2021

Pediatric Endodontics: Biological approach

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Pediatric Endodontics: Biological approach

The advent and progression of various endodontics procedures suited specifically for primary teeth has been at the forefront of this shift. Pediatric endodontics has seen a paradigm shift from the conventional aggressive approaches of managing pulpally involved teeth to a biological approach due to the better understanding of the physiology of pulpal tissue and the biofilm involved in caries progression. In this approach, not only is the effect treated but also the cause of the pulpal involvement. This understanding of the process pulpal involvement has led to the advent of newer techniques and the introduction of newer biocompatible materials with biologically sound protocols to treat the teeth. This lecture on “Pediatric Endodontics” would provide the audience with a brief overview of several endodontic procedures performed in children using appropriate diagnostic aids and adhering to a biologically harmonious approach.

Learning Objectives

Pediatric dentistry is a unique specialty dealing with the total and comprehensive oral health care of children. With the passage of time, there has been a definite shift from an ‘extraction-based approach’ of managing the symptomatic teeth to a more conservative approach of maintaining the integrity of the natural oral structures while alleviating the symptom for the child.

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Prasad Musale MDS, MLD

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  • Prasad Musale MDS, MLD
    Prasad Musale MDS, MLD
    Prasad Musale MDS, MLD