11 Feb 2022

The art of Perio - Implant maintenance

18:00 - 19:00 English

CE Certificate

Where prevention and early treatment give the best results!

Periodontal maintenance is an essential phase to prevent diseases and preserve teeth and implants. We will talk about its importance, benefits, costs, compliance of our patients and work protocols so that you can have a clear vision of its application in clinical practice.

Maintenance after the treatments has great impact on the success of the therapy - we can use it to preserve good long-term results and keep the teeth and implants healthy.

About speaker
Dr Javier Rojas works in private practice with a focus in prevention, periodontal plastic surgery and implantology. He is a researcher in the area of periodontal surgery and teaches prevention to postgraduate students. He likes to combine the knowledge of different areas and develop a new way to do dental treatments. Since 2010 he has been active as iTOP lecturer (individually trained oral prophylaxis programme).

Dr Rojas is invited to do lectures in different Universities and Congresses around the world in topics like periodontal plastic surgery, prevention of oral diseases and implant procedures. He is visiting professor of UNAB and MSc thesis advisor in Public Health of U. Mayor in Chile. He has been involved in the development of Public Health Guidelines in Oral Hygiene with the Chilean Health Ministry.

Learning Objectives

The audience will be able to plan a maintenance therapy to patients and explain the benefits, importance and protocols of the periodontal maintenance to preserve teeth and implants.

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Dr Javier Rojas, DDS, MSc

Recommended for

Dental professionals


Event Type: Webinar