20 May 2022

iTOP Introductory, Tallinn 2022

8h English

What is iTOP?

iTOP: individually Trained Oral Prophylaxis - it is an individual oral prevention training that aims to preserve your natural teeth for life!

Prophylaxis is often covered in passing during training, and there isn’t enough time in a busy practice. That’s where iTOP comes in. You’ll learn why and where existing prophylaxis falls short - and how iTOP works in everyday practice. You’ll then return to your practice with iTOP knowledge and techniques to motivate your patients. The aim of iTOP is that we keep our teeth our whole lives long. And that you pass on the necessary knowledge to your patients.

The seminar consists of two parts: theoretical and practical.

The theoretical part of the seminar introduces the iTOP philosophy and the main factors determining good oral health. In the theoretical part, you will repeat the basic knowledge about prevention, learn about cleaning techniques, tools, their selection criteria and motivation. In the practical part of the workshop (Touch to Teach), participants will work in small group with a certified iTOP instructo. During this part, participants learn to use and apply the acquired knowledge in practice. The practical part is the most loved and appreciated among the former participants of the seminar.

At iTOP you‘ll learn the basics of excellent oral hygiene. Much attention is paid to motivation and how to transfer the knowledge to the patient and use it in daily work. iTOP helps maintain oral health and healthy teeth for a lifetime!

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Centennial Hospitality OÜ Endla 15, Tallinn , Tallinn

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Dental professionals

Level: iTOP Introductory

Event Type: iTOP Course





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  • Jūratė Žekonienė
    Jūratė Žekonienė