12 Jul 2022

Mouth to Mind Practices for Increased Oral Health Self Care

1h English

Plaque biofilm is not going anywhere, and neither is a dental disease that affects billions of people worldwide. How we disrupt this biofilm involves more than the mouth and more than the products we recommend.

The human behind the mouth has one of the most complex systems in this universe: The brain and the mind, and as dental professionals, we must consider this when we communicate, educate and create with our patients.

Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate how we can learn from our patients with communication techniques that reveal more insights to better support their oral health routine
  • Discover how habit and task stacking can support your patient by falling in love with their smile and their daily oral health practice 
  • Experience mindful brushing with gentle yet effective tools for happier and healthier mouths and minds

Training Details



NUCHOS Lvl 6, Singapore

Recommended for

Dental professionals


Event Type: Lecture (including workshop)



Meet our Speakers

  • Theodora Little
    Theodora Little
    Theodora Little RDH is a Dental Hygienist, Therapist qualified from King’s College London. Theodora has worked as a Dental Professional in UK and Switzerland and is Clinical Manager for Prevetion One, iTOP Instructor and BOB Coach.