13 Mar 2023

The oral health professional, a sense of psychology, some tools and an unexpected interesting story

16:30 - 17:45 English

Improving patient’s oral health and, at the same time, having a good felling that we, as professiona

Improving patient's oral health and, at the same time,  having a good felling that we, as professionals, are doing a job that satisfies patients and ourselves, are great challenges. The the process of helping and being helped needs a delicate balance. We all know that controlling biofilm is fundamental, in so many ways, to control oral health. Almost in the edge of the first quarter of the 21 century, we have great tools and professionals to control oral biofilm. But, for example, the level of people with periodontal disease in Europe is still high.

What are we missing in this story? A reflexion about our strategies as oral health professionals, in order to help patients to control their oral microbiome.

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Copenhagen University, Nørre Alle (Panum Insitute) - Lundsgaard Auditorium, Copenhagen, 2200
Lecturers: Prof. Dr Mario Rui Araujo, Portugal

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Event Type: Lecture on health and prevention




Meet our Speaker

  • Prof. Dr Mario Rui Araujo, Portugal
    Prof. Dr Mario Rui Araujo, Portugal
    Mario has PhD in Psychology (2021) by the University of Lisbon. His research in the area of behaviour change focuses in the use of different technologies to enhance the oral health behaviour of patients. He is also an International speaker in oral health behavior and communication skills.