17 Nov 2023

iTOP Course, Tallinn 2023, 17.11.2023

10:00 - 17:00 English


iTOP - individually Trained Oral Prophylaxis that makes successful life-long oral hygiene possible!

iTOP stands for training to achieve nearly perfect oral hygiene. It includes the motivation to implement what’s been learned new every day, and pass it onto the patient. iTOP helps promote individual oral health and healthy teeth - lifelong!

iTOP has two parts: theoretical and practical.

The theoretical part covers the arguments behind the iTOP philosophy and the criteria for selecting tools and techniques. This lecture is the basis for the second, practical part of the seminar.

In practical part, participants will receive practical instructions and work in small groups. During Touch to Teach (T2T) sessions, participants will learn and practice implementation and instruction skills.

In order to pass the iTOP Introductory Seminar, you need to take part in the theoretical and    practical T2T sessions in full.

The seminar will be held in English.

Training Details



Centennial Hotel Tallinn, Endla 15, Tallinn
Lecturers: Dr. Jurate Zekoniene

Recommended for

Dental professionals

Level: iTOP Introductory

Event Type: iTOP Course






Meet our Speaker

  • Dr. Jurate Zekoniene
    Dr. Jurate Zekoniene
    Dr. Jūratė Žekonienė lives in Vilnius, Lithuania, and is a clinical periodontologist, who specializes in classic periodontology. She adores teaching others, that is why she gives various lectures on periodontology at Vilnius University.