According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), dental caries is still one of the most widespread diseases and more than 30% of the global population suffers from periodontal disease. iTOP is a prevention-oriented programme focusing on controlling the main cause of oral diseases: biofilm. iTOP follows the golden standard in prevention: "clean teeth can not get sick" (Hyatt et al. 1934, Löe et al. 1965, Lindhe et al. 1975).

It offers evidence-based solutions for plaque related dental diseases through daily biofilm management, patient motivation and reinforcement.

Dental professionals have a key role in patients' instruction, motivation and education. iTOP turns dental professionals into oral health heroes.

MUDr Jiri Sedelmayer developed three criteria within the iTOP concept that determine the quality of oral hygiene tools and techniques: effectiveness, acceptance and non-traumatic use.

During iTOP, dental professionals master four effective biofilm control techiques, including the Bass technique, Loop technique, Solo technique and use of calibrated interdental brushes. Hands-on training is led by certified iTOP staff that have many years of experience in training their colleagues and patients.

iTOP is a cutting-edge programme in prophylaxis where oral hygiene techniques are practised in the mouth, in collaboration with iTOP instructors using the Touch To Teach approach. Touch to Teach is the most effective method of correcting, improving and guiding patient oral hygiene techniques.

The organisation of iTOP seminars is supported by Curaden AG.

Jiří Sedelmayer – the man behind iTOP

After successfully completing his studies in dentistry at the University of Hamburg in 1986, MUDr. Jiří Sedelmayer worked as a Research Assistant at the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology at UKE Hamburg. His work there focused on restorative therapy and endodontics, as well as training dentists in individual prophylaxis. During his time in Hamburg, Sedelmayer developed the iTOP philosophy and Touch to Teach (T2T) – techniques designed to address the flaws and knowledge gaps in prophylaxis education.

Upon his return to the Czech Republic, he founded the Czech Preventive Society (Společnost preventivní stomatologie). In his hometown of Prague, he taught individual oral prophylaxis and prevention as a guest lecturer at the Charles University, the Czech Preventive Society and at international seminars for dental professionals and students. His methods have been published both domestically and internationally and he lead more than 1,100 training seminars and courses worldwide.

Jiří Sedelmayer died in Prague on 6th July 2019 having lived a richly filled researcher, teacher and family life. His legacy of iTOP, and his passion for aiming for perfect oral health, will continue to live on in each of iTOP's advocates, speakers and instructors. ​

Course levels

iTOP is a practical, hands-on training programme in biofilm management and patient motivation needed to implement these refined skills on a daily basis.

Individually instructed oral care guidance leading to lifelong oral health – this is the ambitious goal of iTOP.

iTOP consists of four modules – Introductory, Advanced, Recall, and Teacher – and is designed for all dental professionals. Each iTOP module has a hands-on component called "Touch To Teach", which is a unique concept within dental education, where oral hygiene tools and techniques are learned through action.

iTOP courses are led by a certified iTOP lecturer and an instructor team.

The goal of this program is to help participants materialise their aspiration to become an iTOP Instructor or iTOP Lecturer. With dedication and commitment, and through participation in iTOP Teacher seminar locally and internationally, both certifications can be successfully earned.

iTOP Introductory
iTOP Advanced
iTOP Recall
iTOP Educator

One-day seminar

iTOP Introductory is the starting level of the programme that provides the foundation for all subsequent seminars. The Introductory programme explores the current shortcomings of daily dental prophylaxis and prophylactic education. It teaches how to improve oral health by practising proper techniques and using the right tools.

The goal of this level for participants to undersand the philosophy and concept behind iTOP, refine oral hygiene techniques and get set to share this knowledge with their patients.

Two-day seminar

The following iTOP Advanced level involves a deeper dive into the implementation of techniques learned in dental practice, with more time for individual feedback, questions and discussion. The afternoon sessions cover the practical Touch to Teach (T2T), where methods and techniques for daily biofilm management are learned in a small group setting.

The goal of this programme is to prepare students become effective instructors that will teach patients how to properly use appropriate prophylactic tools and methods.

Annual seminar

iTOP Recall is an annual refresher seminar for professionals who already hold an iTOP Advance certification. The seminar is focused on T2T practice and skill recalibrations, which will assist participants in using the necessary methods and techniques proficiently.

The goal of this level is to to provide participants with certification revalidation for another year.

Four-day seminar

Individually Trained Oral Prophylaxis – iTOP is a systematic, comprehensive, hands-on programme for daily biofilm management. It is a solution for the question how to keep a good oral health lifelong, excellent post-treatment care, motivate your patients and ensure dental treatment success.

iTOP Educator is a four-day seminar, designed specifically for dental professionals who wish to become a part of local iTOP team as iTOP Instructors or wish to master Biofilm Control techniques and tools.