14 Sep 2021

Impact of Sonic Toothbrushes on oral biofilm and their relation to healthiness

18:00 - 19:00 Africa/Abidjan English

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Impact of Sonic Toothbrushes on oral biofilm and their relation to healthiness

Our patients expect from us as dental professionals to recommend and instruct them in proper oral hygiene routines. The right choice of oral hygiene tools and techniques is challenging as there are many products available on the mark. The differences and effects between Ultrasonic, Sonic and Rotating toothbrushes are important but often also mixed by experts. In this lecture Prof. Saxer shares the latest scientific evidence on power toothbrushes and gives his professional advice and tips on hydrosonic toothbrushes. Next topics will be presented: Importance of oral biofilm (microbiome) on gut microbiome and overall health Superior biofilm removal from oral tissues, according to latest scientific evidence Advantages of sonic toothbrushes over other toothbrushes Gentleness on gums and teeth: enamel and dentin Use of sonic toothbrushes in patients with orthodontic appliances, misalignment, sensitivity, recession, or periodontal problems

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Sonic toothbrushes not only clean orally, but also keep teeth intact and healthy longer and have a positive impact on overall health. Oral hygiene plays still the most important role not just in prevention of the most common oral diseases - periodontists and caries: it ensures long term maintenance of oral health and general health too.

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  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich P. Saxer
    Prof. Dr. Ulrich P. Saxer
    Prof. Saxer conducted over 120 lectures in Europe and the USA and published 150 scientific papers. The focus of his research and scientific articles is related to the prevention and management of gingivitis, periodontitis and peri-implantitis, with mechanical and chemical agents.