12 Jul 2024

2nd Curaden Session @ISDH 2024

10:30 - 11:30 English

oin the Curaden session and discover the keys to personalised care, behavioural strategies and sustainable solutions that brighten smiles and promote lasting oral health.

Learning Objectives

By unlocking the magic of behavioural science and prioritising justice over equity in oral health care, we can revolutionise the way we approach dental care and create a more equitable and effective system for promoting oral health. Let's work together to make oral health a priority for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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Korea. republic of (South)


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Profissionais de saúde oral

Tipo de evento: Lecture on health and prevention



Conheça nosso palestrante

  • Mário Rui Araújo
    Mário Rui Araújo
    Prof. RDH, PhD
    Prof. RDH, PhD Mário Rui Araújo did his master’s in health psychology 2001 at the ISPA University Lisbon, Portugal. He is adjunctive Teacher at Portalegre Health School and a Guest-Teacher at University of Copenhagen, Denkmark. Mario is international iTOP Lecturer.
  • Ron Knevel
    Ron Knevel
    Ron is currently an Associate Professor and Discipline Lead Oral Health at Curtin University in Perth, Australia and has held various roles at esteemed institutions such as the Academic Centre of Dentistry Amsterdam and La Trobe University, Bendigo. He has received multiple awards for his contributi