09 Apr 2021

Dentist To Your Door, Sydney

2h English

Dr Mark Wotherspoon is a Private Practice general dentist who loves working with Hygienists and OHTs. More recently Dr Wotherspoon has developed the portable dental service "Dentist To Your Door" and participated in the ADA's submission to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. 

Mark will share with you his story and experiences in developing "Dentist To Your Door". How he did it? Why he did it? And, how you can easily grow your patient base plus, add an extra revenue stream to your patience. 

The presentation will introduce you to Resident Centred Care, Portable Dentistry and take a hard look at the real costs involved in the time and money. This will provide you with a sound structure for an immediate start into this exciting and rewarding field of Dentistry. 

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Тип события: Webinar


$60 - $150



Lecturers: Dr Mark Wotherspoon