10 Sep 2022

iTop - Advanced

6h English

CE Certificate


The iTop Advanced level involves a deeper dive into the implementation of techniques learned in dental practice, with more time for individual feedback, questions and discussion. The session covers the practical Touch to Teach (T2T), where methods and techniques for daily biofilm management are learned in a small group setting.

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The goal of this program is to prepare students become effective instructors that will teach patients how to properly use appropriate prophylactic tools and methods.

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DHAA Dental Hygienist Association I Rydges World Square Hotel I 389 Pitt St I , Sydney, 2000

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Úroveň: iTOP Introductory

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  • Tihana Divnic-Resnik
    Tihana Divnic-Resnik
    BDS. MSc. PhD.
    Tihana Divnic-Resnik BDS, MSc, PhD did her Master at University of Belgrade in 2007 and was a Lecturer there for 10 years. She is currently Senior Clinical Lecturer in Discipline of Periodontics at University of Sydney.