24-28 Mar 2023

iTOP Educator LATAM

24h Spanish

The highest level of iTOP education

Individually Trained Oral Prophylaxis – iTOP is a systematic, comprehensive, hands-on programme for daily biofilm management. It is a solution for the question how to keep a good oral health lifelong, excellent post-treatment care, motivate your patients and ensure dental treatment success.

iTOP Educator is a four-day seminar, designed specifically for dental professionals who wish to become a part of local iTOP team as iTOP Instructors or wish to master Biofilm Control techniques and tools.

Seminar has theoretical and practical sessions. In the mornings are in-depth lectures and discussions on clinical cases and implementation. Lectures are the basis of argumentation for iTOP philosophy and support of practical work.

In the afternoons participants will work practically. During the Touch to Teach (T2T) session participants will train their skills in instructing techniques, with hands on approach with professional instructors. It includes several 1:2 training sessions with well-trained international instructors – covering challenges and opportunities in patient-oriented dentistry.

The seminar will be held in Spanish language.

Training Details


Costa Rica

Marriott Costa Rica, Hacienda Belen, San Jose

Recommended for

Dental professionals

Level: iTOP Educator

Event Type: iTOP Course


1'600 USD



Meet our Speaker

  • Ana Piedad  Delgado
    Ana Piedad Delgado
    Professor Ana Piedad Delgado Tezna, Dentist from Universidad del Valle. She has worked as a lecturer at the Universidad del Valle since 1993 and currently coordinates the Oral Health Assistants Program and the Removable Partial Prosthesis component for the undergraduate program in Dentistry.