21 Apr 2021

iTOP for Students Sefako Makgatho University South Africa

6h English

Prime Oral Prophylaxis

iTOP is a unique, systematic hands-on training in mechanical plaque control and patient motivation. It empowers dental professionals to offer each patient a comprehensive prevention programme that is tailored to their individual needs.

Obiettivi Formativi

During iTOP, oral health students will master four effective biofilm control techniques, including the Bass technique, Loop technique, Solo technique and use of calibrated interdental brushes. Hands-on training is led by certified iTOP staff that have many years of experience in training their colleagues and patients. 

iTOP is a cutting-edge programme in prophylaxis where oral hygiene techniques are practised in the mouth, in collaboration with iTOP instructors using the Touch To Teach approach. Touch to Teach is the most effective method of correcting, improving and guiding patient oral hygiene techniques.

Dettagli della formazione


South Africa

Sefako Makgatho University, Ga Rankuwa, Pretoria, 0208

Raccomandato per

Studenti (Dentisti, DH)

Livello: Beginner

Tipo di evento: iTop Course






Incontra i nostri speakers

  • Angelique Kearney
    Angelique Kearney
    Angelique Kearney RDH, Advanced University Diploma in Oral Hygiene (Business-Management) at University of Pretoria. She is President of the oral hygienists' association of South Africa (OHASA), Oral Hygienist in private practice and University Lecturer. Angelique also works as iTOP Lecturer.