24 May 2022

Safe orthodontic journey - through the eyes of periodontists

18:00 - 19:00 English

CE Certificate

Biofilm management in orthodontics

A number of dental professionals worldwide expressed concern over complications due to patient’s poor oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment.

Fixed braces severely hinder correct biofilm removal, influence changes in biofilm composition and distribution and thus create a favorable condition for plaque to rapidly adhere and accumulate. As a result, enamel demineralization and gingivitis have been regarded as the most prevalent consequences of biofilm formation among orthodontic patients.

In general, clinicians provide routine oral hygiene instruction to orthodontic patients but the efficacy of OHI might be limited, as only individually created oral hygiene plan is sustainable.

Цели обучения

The speaker will present the most important features and differences of biofilm accumulation in case of orthodontic treatment and the most effective way of biofilm management, including the selection of oral hygiene devices and the adaptation of the proper techniques.

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Dr Nataša Martić, Periodontist

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Dr Nataša Martić, Periodontist
Dr Nataša Martić, Periodontist
Dr Nataša Martić is a Periodontist and Head of department for Periodontology in Public Health centar Pančevo (Serbia).